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Hey everyone, I'm Sarah CK, and welcome to my Tumblr! This is where I reblog stuff (mostly having to do with "Green Lantern: The Animated Series"), express random diary-like thoughts, and just do whatever I feel like doing. Enjoy!
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the white house released this video on sexual assault that actually targets men, telling them not to rape, rather than telling women not to be raped. please watch this.

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A marked innate ability, as for artistic accomplishment.

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  1. There’s no way I’m going through my entire dashboard. I’ve gone through about 10 pages so far, but there’s still a year’s worth of stuff on it. Fuck that noise.
  2. Yay! I still have followers! (Shoutout to mily-day)
  3. I can’t go back to some of my posts; they remind me too much of my horrible crushing depressive episode last year. (Among these is the Rihanna/One Direction mashup video, in case you’re curious.)
  4. If I’m going back to Tumblr, I should probably go back to Facebook too. I’ve neglected it for several months now, and I think some of my friends are getting concerned.
  5. I should read/listen to A Clash of Kings so I can get past season one of Game of Thrones. (BTW I accidentally found out about Joffrey’s death a while back. Good riddance.) Same goes for Once Upon a Time and probably Elementary (but not Supernatural because I couldn’t stop saying “WTF” throughout most of season one). Let me know if I forgot any others.
  6. Thanks to Netflix, I have now gone through Dollhouse, American Horror Story (Asylum was better), Orange is the New Black, Sherlock and Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated, plus a bunch of movies both good and bad. That has nothing to do with Tumblr, I just thought I’d share. (And I apparently have fucked-up taste in TV.)

Well, that’s about all I can think of at the moment. Multigrain Cheerios for brunch!


Mouseket-ear. #TurnYourHeadAndGogh



Tibetan Mastiffs are apparently Pokemons.

10/10 would ride it into battle

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I got out of the GLTAS fan community a couple of months after the release of the second soundtrack (I snagged an autographed copy, woot!); after that, I stopped going on Tumblr altogether. Then a couple of weeks ago, something awesome happened: I saw GLTAS on Netflix. After about 20 minutes of spazzing, I regained my senses and thought, “How long has this been on here?”

So, I went into research mode and discovered the show had been released both Netflix and Blu-Ray—the former about a month before, and the latter several months before.

Me: WTF????

Welp, time to get back on Tumblr and start making sense of things again.

Plus, I’ve been playing a lot of games from Unbroken Hours and I want to talk about them.



hate ginny weasley all you want but she’ll probs just fly into you without a second thought

Talk shit, get hit.

From My Brain to the World turned 2 today!

((Technically Friday. Happy late Birthday to me!))


God, why are all the Peter Pans so perfect.

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