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Hey everyone, I'm Sarah CK, and welcome to my Tumblr! This is where I reblog stuff (mostly having to do with "Green Lantern: The Animated Series"), express random diary-like thoughts, and just do whatever I feel like doing. Enjoy!
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From My Brain to the World turned 2 today!

((Technically Friday. Happy late Birthday to me!))


God, why are all the Peter Pans so perfect.

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Here’ some GLTAS fanart for y’all



There was a girl who was friends with my friends and we were all a group for a while and I never really liked her all that much. In fact, she annoyed the crap out of me because everything she said was either vapid or bitchy or pro-life. Then she wound up on the ad that Career Planning Services sent me because they still think I graduated. It had her walking down the path to commencement. I thought I was getting over my fuck-my-life-where-did-my-graduation-go attitude but it crept up on me again and made me angry and sad. I didn’t realize until a few hours ago that it was because that girl was on the ad and it never occurred to me how much I hated her before just now. Vapid bitch who swore to complete her master’s in a year (like that will happen) and talks like a valley girl even though she’s from some small town in Illinois. Or is it Iowa? Ohio? No, Pennsylvania. Whatever. How come she gets to graduate and I don’t? Why her? Why?

  • Person: Rape is just surprise sex.
  • Me: Killing you would just be giving you a surprise nap.

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Yes Mr. Hartman I’ll take that job now

I don’t know what’s going on, but OMG. XD